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Hiring an Executive is one of the most important strategic decisions you can ever make in your business. Take a moment to think of the major listed companies you know about. Now think about how dramatically these businesses change based on who is running them.

The same principle applies to your business. If you have the right people in charge, the business will grow, prosper and soar. If you have the wrong people in charge your business will stagnate, become conflict ridden or even go bang. We have seen this many times, and if you think about your own career, we are sure, you have seen it too.

So how do you hire a top Executive?

Dawn Incorporated Africa has assisted organizations all over the continent to attract top talent in a variety of senior sectors. We have completed thousands of critical searches for our clients. Our primary customers include listed companies as well as government organisations. The list is endless.

Our Team

Dawn Incorporated Africa has assembled an exceptional group of Search Consultants with over 75 years of combined experience. Our recruiters have complementary skills. To find out more contact us.