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Here, it is more about orientation. Where we get to know you and your team, and the type of business and industry.

The initiation step is all about:

      • Getting to know you and your team.
      • Type of business and industry.
      • Overall audit plan, timing and cost.
      • Agreement.

Audit Southern Africa has a long-standing reputation for providing an efficient risk based Audit service, independent approach and world-class expertise to our audit clients. We are renowned in the marketplace for our innovative and collaborative culture and commitment to delivering an outstanding quality of client service.

We are united in our common goal to provide the highest standard of audit service excellence to our clients. Our Audit services go beyond merely meeting statutory requirements. We help our clients perform better. We listen to their needs, think about the business implications and tailor our approach accordingly. In today's changing global economy, businesses need trustworthy advisers. Because the Audit professionals of Dawn

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