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Here, it is more about orientation. Where we get to know you and your team, and the type of business and industry.

The initiation step is all about:

      • Getting to know you and your team.
      • Type of business and industry.
      • Overall audit plan, timing and cost.
      • Agreement.

This step is about planning what is going to happen in the following steps. As the architects say, without a proper plan there is no good structure.

The planning step entails:

      • Accounting systems.
      • Detailed audit plan.
      • Assemble audit team.
      • Communicate plan.

After planning comes implementing what you had planned. In this step, we go ahead and execute the plan to achieve our goals. We also monitor the progress to see if all is doing well and adjust if needed.

This step is about:

  • Execute plan.
  • Monitor progress.
  • Complete tasks.

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